The Wyssmont Clean-Sight Window is for continuous observation of sealed systems where cleaning the inside face of a sight glass is necessary during operation. Request for more Info.

In many sight glasses the inside face clouds up so it can no be longer be used by operating personnel. Wyssmont's Clean-Sight solves this problem for applications where the sight glass may not be opened. Wyssmont's Clean-Sight is a unique type of sight glass viewing port consisting of a sliding glass panel which seals against an "O" ring. It is constructed of Cast Iron, Aluminum, Type 316 Stainless Steel.

The Clean-Sight is sealed at all times during use and cleaning. The glass slides, to be cleaned a shown in the picture, without having to open the unit or enter the system.

Standard Features

  • 3/8" Pyrex glass
  • TFE "O" ring seal
  • Flange for bolt mounting in flat or low curvature walls or pipe flange
  • Long neck for mounting in walls to 2" thick
  • Spring loaded tightening devices
  • Temperature constructions from minus 60°F, to plus 400°F.
  • Pressure constructions from 8" Hg. vacuum thru atmosphere to 2 psig.


Optional Features

  • 1/2" Pyrex glass
  • Pressure construction to 15 psig.
  • Vacuum construction
  • Thumb screw tightening devices
  • Backup plate for insulated or panel walls
  • Acrylic sheet viewing slide
  • Explosion proof viewing light with mounting bracket
  • Internal purging connection for dust or to eliminate condensation
  • Spray nozzle washing connection
  • Drainage connection fro washing or condensation
  • Retaining bars fro limited travel of glass




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