Field Erected Units

Wyssmont's TURBO-DRYER® Delivers very uniformly dried Product because material is Intermittently redistributed with Plug-flow operation.  Print Friendly Version

A large 20 ft. (6m) diameter field-erected TURBO-DRYER® for drying and cooling various material. Dryer sizes range up to 35 ft. dia. X 60 ft. high (10.6x18.2m) with evaporative capacity of 25,000 lbs. water/hr (11.3 Metric Tons). Unique construction avoids massive foundations.                       

The TURBO-DRYER® consists of a stack of slowly rotating circular trays. Material is fed onto the top tray. After one revolution the material is wiped onto the next lower tray where it is mixed, leveled, and then after one revolution, wiped to the next tray where the operation is repeated. The trays are contained in an enclosure in which heated air or gas is circulated by internal fans. Request more info.

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