Hydrocarbon Research, Inc., Trenton, NJ
Pulverized Coal


Crushed, pulverized, finely ground coal (-60 mesh) was required for a hydrogenation process. Because certain coals are explosive when dry and finely ground, transporting "outside" coal was abandoned and an in-plant system sought. An inert atmosphere was required to prevent explosions and deterioration of the coal. A TURBO-DRYER® was installed that was 6.0 ft dia. x 10 ft high with 18 trays. Operating temperature is 230°F. The drying medium is nitrogen (3% oxygen). Evaporated water is recovered in a separate condenser with the nitrogen being recirculated. The 30% moisture content coal powder is dried to 5% at 250 Ibs/ hr. 10% moisture powder is dried to 2% at 580 lb/hr. Dust entrainment in exhaust gases is minimized as a result of gentle handling and low vertical drying-gas velocities.


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