Lederle Laboratories division, American Cyanamid Company Pearl River, NY
Mycelia Cake


Mycelia cake, the byproduct of Aureomycin production, contains 60% volatile butanol solvent vapors that made Lederle's use of ovens for drying dangerous. The ovens also resulted in loss of heat energy and solvent. After considering a number of other drying methods to improve the process, Lederle Laboratories decided on the use of Wyssmont TURBO-DRYER®. They installed two units. They use nitrogen/carbon dioxide inert heating gas that is recirculated and the butanol is reclaimed in a condenser. The installation operates automatically. Oxygen content is held to less than 5%. Explosive-gas detectors are used for safety. To prevent leakage of solvent vapors, the dryers are operated under a slight negative pressure of less than 0.01 in. of water. The TURBO-DRYER® have solved all the problems. The explosion hazard has been reduced to a minimum. The solvent is reclaimed. The product is very high in quality. The dried cake can be processed into animal feed. Profitability has increased because the unit handles many times the amount of cake per day than was possible with oven drying. Very little maintenance has been required and manpower has been dramatically reduced.


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