Rogers Corporation, Manchester, CT
Glass-filled Phenolic Resin


This phenolic resin is thermally sensitive and the extruded intermediate is frangible. Particle size of the dryer feed ranges from 1/4" to 3/8". Moisture content is about 15%, dried product is specified at about 3% moisture. Drying must be carried out at a low temperature to avoid premature curing. Gentle handling is also necessary to prevent dusting. During product development, drying was done in rotary dryers. Particle attrition created a significant amount of dust. The engineers’ arranged a test at Wyssmont's test facility. The trial showed that the product could be dried at a low temperature with good final moisture control. The rotary tray dryer purchased has consistently provided product dried to 3%. Particle size degradation and dusting is no longer a problem. The air temperature is low (180ºF) and constant throughout the height of the dryer eliminating advanced product curing. The dryer handles feed rate variations with minimum operator attention and provides consistently high quality product. It also provides flexibility to start with 600 to 700 lb/hr and work up to a capacity of 1,500 lb/hr.


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