Sentury Reagents, Charlotte, NC
Pyrophoric Reagents


The plant regularly dries 2,000-3,000 Ibs/day of a pyrophoric crystalline product from about 2% moisture to near complete dryness. The product has the tendency to explode if not handled carefully. Labor intensive vacuum tray dryers were being used to dry the product. Each of the drying trays had to be manually filled, leveled and loaded into the dryer. During drying, a crust would form and lumps would have to be broken up manually and screened. Sentury decided to install a 4 foot dia., 20-tray TURBO-DRYER®. It provided precise temperature control and gentle material handling, on a continuous basis, in a sealed but cleanable environment. 185-200°F. Air dries the product to 99.9% solids. Teflon® blades are used on the scrapers to avoid any possibility of metal-to-metal contact. The biggest benefit of the Wyssmont dryer has been a tremendous labor savings. In addition, the dryer's continuous throughput virtually eliminates lump formation. Product quality is excellent.


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