Lithium Corporation, Bessemer City, NC
Lithium Carbonate


In 1955 a Wyssmont TURBO-DRYER® was installed to dry lithium carbonate. The dryer provided such reliable service that in 1968 another TURBO-DRYER® was added to handle a capacity expansion. The second 12 tray dryer dries 75,000 lbs/day of Li2C03 from 15% to less than 0.1 % moisture. The Li2C03 particle size is very small, (100%/-40 mesh, 50%/-200 mesh), yet the product loss to the dryer dust collector is less than 1/2%. Drying air is heated with a natural gas fired heater to 400°F. Air is recirculated over each tray at a controlled velocity to minimize dusting. During the 30 plus years of combined operation of the dryers, the only significant maintenance requirement was when the burner controls malfunctioned and the trays overheated. The purchase of a third dryer for a similar process demonstrates Lithium Corporation's confidence in the mechanical reliability and effectiveness of the equipment.


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