Sentury Reagents, Inc. Charlotte, NC
Pyrophoric Material


Regularly dries 2000-3000 lbs/day of pyrophoric crystalline product from about 2% moisture to near complete dryness. The product has the tendency to explode if not handled carefully. Vacuum tray dryers were being used to dry the product. Each of the drying trays had to be manually filled and leveled, then put into the dryer enclosure where heat and convection would remove moisture. Lumps had to be broken up in a grinding-screening process before the product could be loaded into drums for shipment. The drying process was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Sentury installed a 4' dia. vertical, rotary 20-tray dryer that is designed to provide continuous processing of small quantities of materials. Precise temperature control and gentle material handling in a sealed (but easily opened) environment is facilitated. Plastic (Teflon®) blades are used for the scrapers to avoid any possibility of metal-to-metal contact. The biggest single benefit realized from the use of the vertical rotary tray dryer has been a tremendous labor saving over the use of the vacuum tray dryers. In addition, the dryer's continuous throughput virtually eliminates lump formation. Only a final screener is needed and very little over-sized material is screened out. Product quality is excellent; the capability to precisely control the temperature of the dryer is very helpful. Control with the vertical rotary tray dryer is much better than it was with the vacuum tray drying system.


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