Aerojet Corporation, Sacramento, CA
Propellant Oxidizer


The plant needed to dry a fine, (3-5 micron), high energy oxidizer containing 1.5-2% moisture down to propellant grade «0.1 % moisture). The objective was to achieve discrete particles with minimum dusting, using a continuous drying process. Most attempts using standard approaches resulted in troublesome agglomerates. Traditionally, oxidizer products have been tray dried in batches. The tray dryer is a gentle way of handling material. Aerojet tried many alternatives before deciding on the Wyssmont dryer. The Wyssmont vertical rotary tray dryer simulated a tray-drying operation while also being a continuous process. The drying equipment selected also had to be safe for handling a potentially explosive material. Static electricity or sparks would be dangerous. To eliminate static discharge, the dryer was fitted with Teflon® wiper and sweeper blades and specially treated to ensure electrical grounding. Process conditions were set to eliminate or minimize agglomeration. The dryer is operated with an inlet air temperature of 135-140°F. The plant has been very satisfied with the operation of the dryer.


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