Certified Processing, Hillside, NJ


Caffeine, obtained from de-caffeination of coffee beans, is purified for use in soft drinks and pharmaceuticals. The process produces a centrifuge cake with about 35% moisture to be dried to 0.25% moisture. Drying must be uniform because moisture content above 0.25% requires reprocessing. Attrition of the crystal must be negligible since substantial breakage renders the product unacceptably dusty and non-free-flowing. Previous drying method was vacuum batch process. TURBO-DRYER® data: 9-1/2 ft dia. x 15 ft high, 28 trays. Constructed of Type 304 stainless steel. The drying cycle was reduced from 10-12 hours to less than 1 hr. Fuel cost was reduced 33%. Labor requirements were reduced. Product loss from tray handling and cleaning is eliminated. The TURBO-DRYER® also uses half the floor space.


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