Allied Chemical Co., Syracuse, NY
Calcium Chloride Flakes


Because of its high 94-97% assay, about 25% less "Superflake (R)" is generally required for the same application as the more conventional 78% assay calcium chloride. Thus, there are savings in material, handling and shipping. Attaining this 94-97% assay from a 73% assay, water-wet, sticky melt-flake, without melting or breakage, is not easy. In fact, only the TURBO-DRYER® can do it in one pass. The TURBO-DRYER® being used is 31 ft dia. x 50 ft high, 48 trays, carbon steel construction. Operating temperature inside dryer: inlet air at 800°F heats top 2/3 of tray stack up to 500°F. Ambient air supplied to the lower 1/3 zone cools product as low as 160°F to allow packaging in bags. Spent drying and cooling streams are exhausted to an impingement scrubber where the minimal amount of entrained fines are recovered from the wash water. Control is automatic; operators need only check and log conditions periodically.


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