Dan River Chemical Productions, Danville, VA
Boric Acid


Boric acid is a dry, friable, white crystalline product that has to be dried from a crystalline solution. Ground-up newspaper, used in cellulose insulation, is impregnated with boric acid, which acts as a flame retardant. The new production line had to be designed with multi-product flexibility. Project specified a production rate of 2 to 3 million lb/yr. the problem was solved with a TURBO-DRYER® that provided careful temperature control, gentle product handling and flexibility. The system consists of a 316 stainless steel TURBO-DRYER®, centrifuge and product collector, all with explosion-proof motors and controls. Conditions in the dryer can be modified to suit varying product needs. The TURBO-DRYER® safely dries boric acid and other chemicals such as sodium formaldehyde bisulfite and agricultural chelates. Dry product moisture content of the boric acid is less than 0.2%. Keeping the entire line in operation 24 hrs per day requires only 3 people, one each shift.


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