Electronic-grade phosphors for color TV tubes require precision processing to maintain high purity and uniformity. Phosphor "body slip" is a mixture of fine crystals with water and sometimes with dispersing agents. This slip is de-watered to about 90% solids by a rotary vacuum filter unit. The resulting paste-like materials was formerly dried by a batch method that required 25 to 40 hours and intensive labor. Three Model "K" TURBO-DRYERS® were purchased so that different grades could be dried at one time. To prevent product contamination, construction is stainless steel throughout, and the small, 10-tray units can be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled easily. Drying time is reduced to only one hour, a reduction of more than 95%, with no crystal breakage and no lumping. Considerable savings are realized in floor space, labor, fuel and power. Product loss is minimal since less than 0.5% is entrained in the exhaust air prior to being recovered.


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