American Cyanamid Co., Linden, NJ
Crystals that melt near 100°F


This company had to dry a fine crystalline solid from 8 to 10% moisture to less than 0.5% without melting it to an unusable fluid mass, plus there must be positive containment of the fumes and dust to avoid air contamination. After Wyssmont laboratory evaluation, followed by the operation of a pilot-size unit at the plan, a full sized TURBO-DRYER® was installed. For all areas of product contact, the unit was made of stainless steel. The manifold dampers maintain air temperature in lower portion of dryer at 100ºF and the upper portion at 85ºF. Negative pressure of less than 0.1 in/wg prevents escape of dust or fumes. Dust and water are removed from drying air by direct contact with cold water in a dehumidification scrubber. The cooled, dried air is then passed through a steam heater and recirculated through the dryer. The sensitive product is successfully dried through close temperature control. The same recycle-system equipment is used with inert gas in place of air to remove isopropyl alcohol from another product. The system reclaims the solvent gas economically. Full size access doors on the dryer allow thorough cleaning to avoid inter-product contamination at changeover.


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