Arapahoe Chemicals division, Syntex Corp., Boulder, CO
Organic Chemicals


Management at Arapahoe Chemicals estimated that over 1,200 man-hours normally needed for tray loading and handling have been saved in the three years that the Wyssmont TURBO-Dryer has been in service. All the advantages of batch tray drying and substantial savings in labor and space were realized with the TURBO-Dryer providing continuous transfer on its 12 vertically stacked trays. The unit provides uniform drying and high quality for a number of fine chemical products at Arapahoe. This vertical drying unit produces the amount of product in 100 sq. ft. of floor space that would require 500 sq. ft. if conventional trays and ovens were used. Drying action repeated on stacked shelves also results in mixing and repeated exposure of new drying surfaces. Incoming air can be heated by external steam coils to as high as 150 to 160°C. The products handled are wet with various solvents including methanol, water, and a combination of toluene and water. One product has been successfully dried at the rate of 6,000 Ib/24 hr, from 10% to less than 0.5% toluene/water mixture (50/50).


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