Waste Sludge


This company developed a waste treatment process to dry municipal and industrial sludge. The operation had to be sized for an on-site demonstration facility on a low bed trailer. A 12 shelf, 6 ft x 7 ft high TURBO-DRYER® was selected. It processes sludge treated with a proprietary organic solvent to the desired dryness and recovers all liquids evaporated for reuse. Due to the danger of explosions or fires during processing, nitrogen gas is used as a drying medium. A closed-circuit system with gas-tight construction results in low nitrogen makeup requirements. The TURBO-DRYER® consistently dries to bone-dryness as a result of the true material plug-flow through the unit, assuring a positive residence time for all sludge solids. Automatic controls result in minimal attendant labor. The unit can operate as low as 20% of the maximum design rate without changing conditions. Cleanable observation ports allow viewing without operation interruption. Sludges processed include those from municipalities, pulp and paper plants, steel wool industries, wool-scouring operations, animal renderers, breweries, chemical plants and titanium operations.


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