Teledyne Wah Chang Corp., Huntsville, AL
Ammonium Paratungstate


Teledyne uses a TURBO-Dryer to dry ammonium paratungstate prior to its being converted to tungsten oxide in rotary furnaces. The TURBO-DRYER® serves perfectly because of its unique feature of being able to automatically compensate for wide variations in feed rates. Most other dryers need a constant and uniform feed, because a change in feed rate automatically affects the retention time, a big problem for units with very narrow turndown ranges. The self-compensating Wyssmont dryer features a broad, automatically controlled turndown range of 3:1 so that no adjustments have to be made by an operator. Retention time (The time it takes to dry) can also be adjusted through 10:1 with a variable speed drive, (20:1 with a simple sprocket change). The company reports that the dryer's gentle handling of the material produces a uniform, free-flowing product. Crystals are not broken and no dust is formed. The chance of metallic contamination of the APT by erosion, a potentially serious problem with this particular salt, is eliminated. The company is also very pleased with the easy-to-clean design of the unit and its trouble-free reliability.


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